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5 Rules For Success In Life

Success in life is defined differently by many different people. Some think success means having all the money you want to buy all the toys you want. Some think success is being loved by a large family and always having friends around. Whatever your definition of success is, there are some rules for success in life that should be followed in order to really be satisfied and feel accomplished.

Rule For Success #1 Take Action

This is the biggest rule of them all. If you dont take action then you cant reach the desired outcome. Many people let fear hold them back from going out and getting what they want, but you will find that if you can overcome that fear then you will start achieving things youve always wanted to achieve.

Rule For Success #2 – Be Positive

If you are not positive then chances are you will not try. This is part of the fear. You tell yourself that you will never achieve that dream anywase so why bother. Or maybe you put yourself down and tell yourself you are not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, or rich enough to get the things you want. You have pretty much given up before you have even started at this point. Gain some self-confidence and be positive about your abilities, then go out and achieve your dreams!

Rule For Success #3 – Think Outside the Box

If you follow the crowd then you will get the same results that the crowd gets. If you step outside of the line and think for yourself, then you will get your own unique results. Those unique results will be the ones that make you feel successful, because they were defined by you as something worth achieving.

Rule For Success #4 – Dont Always Listen to Your Elders

Your elders have a lot of life experience, and they can help you avoid making huge mistakes in your life, but a lot of what they tell you is from their own opinions and fears. Maybe they tell you that the only way to earn a safe and secure living is to work for the government. Thats simply not true. But because that is their opinion they do not waiver on it, and they can be very convincing as well.

The truth is, there are probably a lot of things they didnt try in their life that you would like to try, and because they are fearful of it they will not accept it as a logical way to go about life. But that shouldnt hold you back from making it your way of life. You may find happiness and success on that path, where you wouldnt find it on the path they want you to take.

Rule For Success #5 – Dont Listen to Naysayers

There will be a lot of negative people who put down your dreams and desires. They can influence you to stop working towards your success altogether. But you cant listen to these people because the reasons they have dont apply to you. You are an individual who has a lot to offer. They may be jealous, miserable, and negative people who don't believe in anyone or anything. Their opinion is a reflection of their beliefs.

An example of this is Elvis Presley. He had many negative people come into his life. For instance, he once tried out for a local vocal quartet, and was rejected on the premise that he couldnt sing! He shortly tried out for another band and was told to stick to his truck driving career because he was never going to make it as a singer! Can you imagine if he had listened to those people? He may have given up altogether, and our world would have never heard his voice and been changed because of it.

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