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It is a fact that a caddy or caddie plays an important role for a successful professional golfer. A golf caddy not just carries the golf kits for a golfer all around the golf course but with his knowledge and experience he adds a lot to the game. Though a caddy doesn't make the golfer win the tournament entirely but on the other hand if a caddy doesn't provide sufficient knowledge to the golfer then there can be chancing of loosing.

Therefore we can say that, a professional golf caddy is a person who has a great knowledge about the golf course. A caddy's duty is to keep golfer aware about the minimum distances by which water hazards and other hazards can be avoided. A professional caddy knows well about the advantages and disadvantages of hitting a ball from a certain parts of the golf course. Moreover a caddy also has knowledge about unexpected shots even they if they know that their golfers will never play such kind of shots but they keep themselves ready for unexpected shots as well.

Golf caddy makes some researches before the tournament; by getting familiar with the weather conditions, rules and conditions of the golf course. These little researches can be highly beneficial for a pro golfer. A golf caddy gets familiar with the course, weather and rules in a very less time.

Real duty of a golf caddy begins as soon as after the first stroke, as many pro golfers make some mistakes but caddy motivates the golfer and bring him back to the focus. A professional golf caddy is just like close friend of a golfer who not only carry clubs and read off the yardage but always guide and support his pro golfer mentally. Often a golfer gets in to a tough situation and gets confused with the shot selection, in such case caddy verifies the shot selection for his golfer.

A professional golf caddy takes care of rules and regulation besides he makes pro golfers to follow the rules as well. At present caddy is not considered just a caddy but is considered as a member of the team of golfer.


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