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Academic Disciplines: Linguistics. Etymology Studying

Academic discipline is believed to be a subject that is studied in a particular college according to the curriculum year program. As contemporary world is developed enough (there is a lot of people with different preferences and desires) there exists a lot of professions able to satisfy modern life demands. Thus, there is a huge number of academic disciplines related to particular profession. Academic disciplines are necessary to obtain various knowledge from different fields and spheres of human life. Etymology. The Definition Etymology is the science that studies the history of words, from what language were they borrowed and how their meaning has changed with time. In languages that appeared many centuries ago, scientists investigate various written texts of the language they study and other research works related to the language in order to collect the information about how words were used many centuries ago and when they were borrowed by the language in question. Etymologists also use the methodology of comparative linguistics to find out the necessary information about languages that existed from the ancient times. Scientists also apply the comparative method that allows to investigate the word relationship in several languages and how the process of word sharing happened in particular historical periods. Methodology of Studying Etymology is a wide science. That is why there is no single method of its studying. The most popular methods are the following: 1. Philological research. This method implies the investigation of the word history and word changes through the available older texts. 2. Use of dialectological data. This method learns dialects of the language through which different meaning of the same word can be traced. 3. The study of semantic change. Before making any research scientists often make hypotheses about particular changes in a language or altering in the meaning of some words in question. Then the hypotheses are usually tested.

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