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America Golf VS British Golf

British golf and American golf have a long developing history. Due to the their cultural differences, golf course design varies. America golf course emphasis on beauty, and attach great importance on artificial modification; British court has respect for nature, so they like to retain the original rough look.


I remember that when I have the first anthropology lesson, the professor explained to us sports culture in different countries. For example, the Europeans advocate freedom, hate to be bounded, so the movement originated in Europe, such as soccer and golf do not have strict time limits, or boundaries of the site is more relaxed, just like English Premier League, soccer in different cities field, length, width, there will be a bias, golf courses, more goes without saying. In addition, the European game's ruling is also more relaxed, even pushed both football players, as long as the rhythm does not affect the competition, the referee will also pretend to see; the game of golf even umpire, everything depends on the player personal integrity.


In contrast, the movement originated in the United States, they have more stringent specifications, taking the basketball and American football as example, events should be calculated for each minute, or second, even tenth of a second is the key to victory. In addition, the venue also painted with like a basketball court 3-point line and free-throw line or a football field every 5 yards of a sub-yard line. It do not allow the slightest deviation from the referee to keep an eye on players. He whistles downs there and ups here. Does it reflect the more serious and persistent attitude of Americans?


So every year the British Open, U.S. media criticism from time to time the main cited British Open venues, such as the total length is too short, the design is common and changes little so as to get a lot of arguments between the fans.


I remember an interview at England in early years, staying in a small town hotel, Nine out of ten guests from around the world are for the golf. Every day we come together for breakfast time, and always talk about golf. Scots is the birthplace of golf, and they total look down on the U.S. courts, when visitors from the United States will run into casually said: “There are only the world golf and American Golf. When you play in the U.S. you will hit American Golf, and if you want to experience the golf, you must come to Europe. “


For the Golf Grand Slam, the world would be glorified the British Open as “The Open Championship”, meaning the world's only golf Open. However,  U.S. media has a pet name for the “British Open Championship”, and the Europeans see it as disrespect, both fans of the two party are involved into  the endless struggle. It is so funny, and we see their struggle as entertainment.


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