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Beautiful Bathroom Vanities Warehouse for every Home Bathroom

It may not have occurred to you yet that the bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house. They are also the most challenging yet satisfying projects to take that will be worth the time, effort and money.

Back then, choices for bathroom vanities warehouse items were sparse and limited. Nowadays, it's a different story. There are dozens of brands on bathroom vanity items with hundreds of colors, styles and designs to meet every homeowner's needs. Decision making can be quite a difficult and exhausting matter. There are a few things to consider and ample things to research on before diving in.

The first thing to think about a bathroom vanities warehouse is the type of unit.  The most common style is the cabinet type, which gives you ample storage space. Some bathrooms are fitted with vanities, but they are made to order. Standard size is from 30 to 35 inches high.

If you prefer furniture style vanities, they are smaller with more vintage styles that you may like. These are perfect for smaller bathrooms. They are freestanding and do not need to be fitted into the bathroom. It is a quick way to update any boring bathroom without making any major projects and changes.

Always consider the size of your bathroom first and foremost. Smaller bathrooms should buy freestanding units to make their bathroom look larger. The fixed unit is great, but it does tend to eat up a large amount of space. It is important to consider other elements of the bathroom vanities warehouse. You may want a sink to be included, with various materials made front granite, marble and glass. Combine the sink and vanity is always a great idea especially for smaller bathrooms in order to keep things minimal and free up space.

What is your bathroom's interior design? Traditional and classic style bathrooms are better suited with freestanding vanity units while modern and contemporary designed bathrooms will look great with a fixed vessel vanity with sink—they tend to cost more, though.

Bathroom vanities warehouse may seem a little expensive, but very worth the investment. Do ample research—the World Wide Web is a great place to start. Look for great ideas and amazing prices in various web sites and their style and brand offerings.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanities Warehouse

As mentioned, freestanding units are fairly easier to install and do not require much effort. A fixed vanity is harder and will require you to follow the few steps:

1.  Examine and measure the area where you'll be placing the bathroom vanity. Be exact with the height, width & depth measurements.
2.  Prior to installation, remove bathroom vanity doors and other loose parts to prevent any damage.
3.  Slide the unit in place, ensuring that it is placed straight and parallel.
4.  Place three inch screws through the nailer located on the back of the vanity and inserted to the wall studs. Make sure it is securely fastened.
5.  Reattach doors and other parts. Place a small portion of latex on the top edge near the door. You can then proceed to attach sink, counter top and other fixtures.

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