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Beginner Swinging Guidelines

When it is time for the golf beginners to learn how to swing, it is very important for them to know some swinging guidelines. For the first time to swing may be difficult for these beginners, so the following guidelines are good for beginner golf swing.




After control the tips of how to grip, then the next step is to prepare to have a good address, which is to hit the golf ball well, including the right position, the good physical condition before hit the ball, and location of your feet. After the golf club on the golf ball, align the ball. Action over the entire process of this group is called the address.


In the front of the standing location, you can imagine there is a golf ball from the target to fly line, a parallel line with a foot. The distance between the two lines depends on the length of golf clubs. You can imagine there is a pendulum and ball line with the above two lines are related.


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The width of your feet separate station should be as wild as your shoulder. Stations would prevent too wide to do the right time in the swing pivot. Stations too narrow, because the golf swing is not a firm will lose balance, the correct station also includes arms and wrist straight, upright back, hip and knee flexion movements. Hand raised Callaway X-20, in the direction of the golf ball side of the body straight, imagine the ball flight path. Straight arms, a little hip flexor, will put the ball directly behind the club. Just as the pendulum and the same face, or “being on the” flight path. Objective eye take aim at this time in order to start swing.




Aiming the ball is the preparatory work for your swing, which has always put golf club swing to reach peak, and then another club down command, hit the sweet spot as far as possible, after the cue ball is hit to fly before the top of the homeopathic up until the end of the action. The whole process is called the golf swing.


After the move command from the pole to hit the ball finished, do not change the club head, it is not necessary to have a wrist movement, the swing can be complete in a plane. The technology movement called the “Hogan-style swing.” The legend of the technical theory of the high altar is to emphasize the core part of the swing plane (SWING PLANE). That is, shoulders and club, between the sides of the ball, swing club head during the sweep of the flight path of the top track to connect the formation of such a tilt on the plane, all actions are completed at this level.


Maybe you are a golf beginner, it is the first time for you have a golf swing, so these golf guidelines can obviously do you a great favor, you can have a try to practice you golf swing now.

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