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Best Online Jewelry Stores


Online jewelry stores are a dime a dozen. In fact, most people think that if you have seen one, you have seen them all. They often use the same template grid of jewelry with forgettable images and colorful tags with discounts screaming at you so loud it makes you want to hit the back button on your browser. But for some shoppers, this is exactly what they are looking for. A virtual clearing house of goods that either didn't do well at retail or would never made it there in the first place.

But there are some very good jewelry sites out there that do a great job of displaying its products in all their glory, give you insightful and useful information on what you are looking at and provide an easy and secure way to purchase that product. Naming the best sites would be a completely subjective approach to writing this article and leave way too much room for debate. Instead, let's focus on what you should look for when choosing the best online jewelry store to shop. There are 3 very important P's you should keep in mind when choosing a website:

1. Pictures – Buy jewelry online is difficult enough, but its appealing because the web opens you up to more products than you would normally have access to at your local jeweler. All you have to go on are pictures, so they better be good.

2. Product Details – The more the merrier. You can't have enough information when it comes to jewelry. Especially diamond jewelry. You need to know as much as you can about the metals, gemstones, size, shape, weight and durability of the jewelry you are looking at.

3. Price – Like the song says, “My momma told me, you better shop around”. You can never do too much price comparison shopping. It's the backbone of the eCommerce. The ability to look at a product and use the numerous shopping engines to not only find who else might carry the same item or a similar one, but at what price they carry that item at is crucial. Do your homework and you will surely save yourself a small fortune at the end of your online shopping days.

Are there other things to consider when choosing a site to shop for jewelry? Of course there are. You can't forget about customer service, checking return policies and the overall security and reliability of the company and its website. But the 3 P's are the first three factors and always end up being the determining factors that make the difference between window shopping and becoming a lifelong customer.

L.White is a Fashionista and Jewelry Expert who contributes articles to the NewsCenter at G3 Jewelry's online jewelry store, also writes diamond jewelry reviews for several leading designers.