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Big Golf Star Overturned Because of the Scorecards

In the 89th PGA Golf Championship there is a player who was the worst, and it was Garcia who was ruthless disqualified in the third round after the error occurred because of the scorecard.

Garcia must have felt himself treated unjustly, at the 17th hole he hit a 5 obviously, but the same group person Wei Keli had made wrong write into four, after race Garcia hadn't checked and signed, take to the organizing committee, the final result is only one DQ. callaway x-24 irons can't save him.

The thing that famous professional players made wrong on the score card and treated by brutally DQ was happened before, and still one by one continued later. They tried their best to swing best , finally the small paper points card made their own efforts be in vain, seeing tens of thousands of dollars gone with the wind, perhaps only at home and hit a wall.

Rules of Golf made it clear that no matter who you record the results, the players after the game is their responsibility to check the correct score for each hole, and then in the right place sign their names, together with those scoring together with the signature to the organizing committee, can not be changed once the surrender, and violation of this provision is the most severe punishment. Personal opinion, no matter how well you pitch, score card is the only proof of your accomplishments, so the scorecard problem, for whatever reason, the player itself must bear all the consequences, but also embodies the game of golf the spirit of honest and rigorous .  Ping supports PGA Tour.


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Also in accordance with the rules of golf, and if the results on the scorecard results lower than the actual game, once found the same to be disqualified, but if the scorecard results higher than the actual competition results, in accordance with the results calculated on the scorecard.

There is such a story, the 1968 Masters golf tournament final round of the game, players Roberto De Vicenzo in the success of the 17th hole birdie, hit a three-under-par final total score is 277, came in first bit. And then to another player Bob Goallby also played 277, two people are going to be a playoff showdown, De Vicenzo on the beat of confidence. But soon came the bad news Competition Commission, plus tournament cancellation, Bob Goallby-based competition in the championship. As a senior, De Vicenzo had before Garcia, to understand what is treated unjustly out. The original group of players Tommy Aaron with his birdie at the 17th hole hit the ball the wrong recorded as flat bar, which is more than a written record of the four strokes. After the game, De Vicenzo did not carefully check, sign their names to pay up. In this case, the total score on the score card is 278, rather than the actual 277. In a press conference after the game, De Vicenzo feel extremely painful to the media, said: “This is my own mistakes, Tommy now and I feel the same, but the rules are ruthless.” The day that it was he 45-year-old's birthday. Irons is important, while scoreboard is also important.


It is Garcia's mistake. The thing will become his forever pain. I believe he will pay attention to every detail in his life.

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