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In 1997, the business unit changed its name to Calphalon Corporation in order to establish a separate identity of the parent company in the kitchen appliances industry. The company has direct shopping Calphalon outlet or in other words known as factory stores that sell the cutlery & other kitchen appliances. Situated in 7 states, there are currently 11 outlet shops for this company. Under an umbrella, Calphalon manufactures everything that possibly needed in your kitchen, whether be it knives, utensils, appliances, pots, cookware, µwave cookware etc. the companys Calphalon pots are very famous for their nonstick nature making it a hassle free way to cook & enjoy the meals. Since the pots are non-sticky, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Following are the outlet stores located in the entire US:

* Prime Outlets Pleasant Prairie, WI
* Prime Outlets International Orlando, FL
* Premium Outlets Gilroy, CA
* Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Wrentham, FL
* Miramar Outlets Estero, FL
* Philadelphia Premium Outlets Limerick, PA
* Premium Outlets Kittery, ME
* Prime Outlets San Marcos, TX
* Premium Outlets Round Rock, TX
* Seattle Premium Outlets Tulalip, WA
* Houston Premium Outlets Cypress, TX

The above mentioned Calphalon outlet stores are the companys registered chain of stores involving no intermediary between the consumer and the manufacturer. As a result, the consumer gets everything straight & fresh from the company. At times, the company sells in different sets & combined pieces for the discounted prices. The business falls under the umbrella group of Newell Rubbermaid that own famous brands e.g. Rubbermaid, Goody, Sharpie, and Papermate etc.

9 years ago in 2001, the company launched a successful opening of a Calphalon Culinary Center in the state of Chicago. It was a huge success where chefs, cooking professionals and other fans of cooking meals gathered together for fun sharing ideas on cooking methods & techniques. The event was given live coverage form many media channels to promote the brand name. As a result of all this, the company has successfully won the hearts of their customers in portraying a strong & bold brand image & perception of the companys high quality kitchen ware products.

There are different price levels for different kitchenware products sold byCalphalon outlet. The cookware sets costs from $ 300 to $ 600. Knife sets cost in between $ 30.00, to $ 300.00. The kitchen utensils vary in between $ 7.00 to $ 50.00. These are the regular store product prices; the products getting sold at the companys outlets might offer discounted prices as well. The Calphalon outlet stores have eliminated the need of getting any intermediary in between the customer and the manufacturer thereby guaranteed new & products with lower prices. Currently there are only 11 calphalon outlet stores, but this brand should go beyond this number to reach as many US states as possible