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Chinese History Timeline Through The Dynasties

The Chinese history timeline spans a long period of nearly 5,000 years. The culture can be traced back to a time when there were small tribes to the powerful country it is today. Yuanmou is the oldest hominoid recorded in China. The Xia Dynasty is the oldest dynasty known. Emperors like Li Shimin also known as Taizong of the Tang contibuted to the develpment and enrichment of the country. Philosophers like Confucius and great poets such as Qu Yuan add the the rich culture.

From prehistoric times dating back nearly 2 million years to the Xia Dynasty which began in 21 BC the Chinese people developed stone tools in the period know as the Stone Age. This period is divided into the Paleolithic Age when the Yuanmou Man lived to the Neolithic Age when man discovered fire, created rudimentary tools and began to build houses.

The Xia Dynasty from the 21st to the 17th centuries BC is an important dynasty, it marks the end of the Primitive Society and the beginning of the Class Society. It is the very first dynasty in Chinese history and lasted for about 500 years with 17 emperors. A calendar system was devised that included both lunar and solar tracking. Craft work of bronze and jade appeared.

The Shang dynasty began in 1675 BC and lasted over 600 years with 30 emperors. It is best known for ending oppression and the people were treated with compassion by Emperor Jie. The fishing industry was started and porcelain was invented. Silk weaving became a highly prized craft. Musical instruments were invented including cymbals and drums.

The Zhou Dynasty came into power in the 11th century. The Zhou clan produced King Zhou whose dying wish was that his son kill the reigning king of the Shang Dynasty which he did after his fathers death ending the Shang Dynasty in 1046 BC. Lasting over 800 years the Zhou Dynasty is the longest lasting dynasty in Chinese history.

The Qin Dynasty was the first multi-national power that unified the people. It was probably the shortest lasting dynasty being around only 15 years but it produced some of the greatest achievements in the Chinese culture. The round coin with the square center was developed. The Great Wall of China was built. And the famous Terra Cotta Army was created.

When the capital city of Xianyang was overthrown in 206 BC after four years of war the Han Dynasty took power in 207 BC. This dynasty was comprised of two dynasties, one was the Western Han from 206 BC to 24 AD and the other was the Eastern Han Dynasty from 25 BC to 220 AD. This was a period of prosperity and peace for the Chinese people. Some of the accomplishments of this dynasty still influence the Chinese culture to this day.

J. Tien is a Chinese society writer. He recommends Absolutely Feng Shui for additional information on Chinese Astrology and Face Shapes.

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