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Choose Golf Clubs for Kids

How to give your child a set of clubs and equipment, this problem is bothering all parents. Many people cut adult club short in the beginning , but as the child's age, the club not for hitting immediately. Children need a set of clubs for their own.

Club Length

Club length is the first consideration. What is the height of children, it is necessary with a high number of clubs, but children grow fast, so club selection should be longer than the normal height of some of the club matches, usually more than the normal rods 1 inch (2.54 cm) This second year, when children grow taller can use. Children can hold a short club to play, but do not allow them to grip too far, such a distance of 1.5 inches to 2 inches (about 4 cm -5 cm) appropriate. If you exceed this length, the children's swing will be affected.

Shaft hardness

The next consideration is the shaft stiffness. Many adults will be adults after the use of clubs for children to use the short cut, so the biggest problem is to make the shaft harden. If you cut short the club shaft is 4-5 inches, the shaft will become very rigid. This is why children are not suitable for the Conference club after a short reason.

Fortunately, manufacturers now have the ball with the use of child height and produce club head speed. Shaft hardness of the current multi to L (high trajectory shaft Soft), A (or M), R, S (or F), and X (low, flat trajectory shaft hard) and other five marked. With the L (light-weight) of iron or carbon shaft clubs, the most suitable for children. Children rod shaft flexibility is quite good, you can easily make it by hand bend. So look at your baby club, do not be too hard.

Driver Weight

Election lever for the young players, the club weight is also very important. If the club too heavy on the bar to the vertices of children it is very difficult, resulting in a bad swing plane. Lighter club allows children the time on the rod vertex, to maintain the correct posture, continue to swing and will not feel heavy. The same hardness as the shaft, all manufacturers will choose the time in the production of lighter club head and shaft. So next time you buy a bar before the club seriously look at the weight, the age for children to choose a club.

Grip size

Final consideration is the grip size. Into consideration the size of young players handle the election lever, is started in recent years. Grip size does not fit, it will affect the use of young players. If the grip as thick as a baseball bat grip, then swing mechanics may need to re-adjust. So when you buy a children's pole time, be sure to handle for young players to ensure that small hand.

We all know play golf is not simple and know the importance of good discount golf clubs for golf gamere. Similarly, you should spend more time choosing clubs for your kids.

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