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Christmas Golf Is Life Philosophy

When you feel life has been miserable, almost unbearable weight of the destroyed, twenty-four hours is no longer enough, and then what do you do? As Christmas is coming, you should no longer make your life miserable, you can enjoy a special and interesting Christmas golf with your best Titleist Scotty Cameron putter from golfsales365.com now.



There is story that tells the interesting of golf life, just like the interesting of Christmas golf if you can get the Christmas golf gifts. Now let's read the story: A professor of philosophy into the classroom with a bunch of bottles and jars, the same as magic, first a large empty mayonnaise bottles presented to the students to see, and then put it into a one-bottle golf, straight into the bottle together. Professor asked the students: Who think that this jar full? Students in the class raised their hands, agreed that the bottle has been filled.


Professor out of a paper bag inside the stone tablets to pull out, a handful of a handful to put in the bottle. Gradually leave out small stones to fill the gap between the golf course and the mouth of the bottle. Only the students know, put a bottle of golf, and are not full. Professor then asked: Who think this bottle is full already? Students are convinced that erupted in the bottle is definitely full, can not recapture any of the other things.


But the professor has filed a paper bag, bottle, keep on doing that step. Unexpectedly, a bag filled with sand, a surge wave coming down the bottle, into the gap between the stones, until the full to the mouth of the bottle. Professor asked the students again and now if the jar was full. Students thought for a moment, then answered the same firm: this time the bottle is absolutely full.


Professor of bending, two cans of beer out from the podium below, and slowly poured into bottles, full cans of beer results have infiltrated the sand between the naked eye can not see the gap. Students to see, laughed, and taught professors to express meaning.


Then professor lecturing: I want you to know that this bottle is like our life. When you feel your life has been saturated, in fact your life is still a lot of space; you can fill into many things. In your life, some things are very important, as this bottle, like golf, such as your own family, relatives, children, your own health, your own friends, your own emotions and enthusiasm.


Why do you say these golf balls are the most important things in life it? That is to say, even if you have lost everything else, those pebbles and sand, as long as you keep these golf balls, the bottle to remain satisfied, your life will be empty.


Those stones, as if you live among the second and so things like your job you, your friends houses, so worldly possessions friends. These things in your life, and golf are far less critical. As for sand, it would be like living in a more trivial and worthless things, like checking the room and so on.


The most important thing is, you have to keep in mind that if you first fill the bottle with sand, then there is no space to put your golf, and even pebbles. If your life is worthless trivial affairs of small and fills up, you put all the time and energy to pursue those silly worldly possessions, then you where to find the space to care about their families, relatives, children, health, friends, and feelings.


Professor conclusion, this is the life philosophy, to distinguish between the severities of primary and secondary, first of all you care for yourself and family well-being of the most important thing, those who golf. Together with your children play, time to do physical examination, some friends go out to eat, just as you, like when she was eighteen. You know, the most important thing in these things to do after, you can still find space to do other things second, to put small stones in life to go. Then you can then place in small things like sand, clean room, friends, friends, and so repair the dishwasher. In short, the first load golf, and then say something else, fine sand is the most at the end of things.


Professor finished, a student raised questions in the classroom: two cans of beer and then a symbol of what? Professor smiled and said: I'm glad you raised this issue. I Pa Moran question? The significance of this beer is, no matter if your life on the surface of how busy and heavy, you have, or will ever have space, drank two cans of beer.



This story is very interesting, of course, but as the Christmas is near and near, you can enjoy a special and a very nice Christmas golf with your family, so why not go to golfsales365 and take your Christmas golf gifts to share with your beloved family.

When you feel life has been miserable, almost unbearable weight of the destroyed, twenty-four hours is no longer enough, and then what do you do?

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