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Essential Steps For Play Guitar Beginners

What is essential thing when you begin play guitar? Being a beginer, you need to find the most suitable course to take advantage of your preferred learning method. Do you learn best through visual, audio media, by reading, one on one?

Once you have found your ideal course to match your method, I would consider there to be five more simple steps that you should follow in conjunction with your course.

By its very nature, the guitar is one of those instruments that, with just a few quick basic lessons, you can begin to play and sound reasonable. No, you aren't going to sound like Angus Young or Jimmy Page but still, you should be able to hold a basic tune together. Becoming a really good guitar player will take time, practice and patience.

Simple Step 1. Keep It Simple. Of course, no matter what you're talking about, that's just plain old good advice. But when you begin to learn to play the guitar, please don't pick it up and try to play some amazing solo from the annuls of great rock. It's all about building solid foundations, starting with the simple, easy to play chords and progressing from there. In the unlikely event you are the second coming of Hendrix, you will only frustrate yourself by trying to jump ahead. Don't give yourself an excuse to give up.

Simple Step 2. Talent and skill are not commodities you can buy, at any price! It won't matter if you have the best guitar in the world, it won't play itself. You will have to learn the correct methods and practice and practice.

Simple Step 3. Be prepared. Unfortunately there is no avoiding the pain when building up callouses on fingers of your fret hand when you first begin to play the guitar. The strings are harder than the tips of your fingers, so expect sore fingers for a while. You will experience it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Simple Step 4. Following on from Simple Step 1, keeping it simple, start to learn guitar songs with two or three simple chords. There are thousands of such songs. Again trying to play something like Stairway To Heaven straight away is only going to result in one outcome, frustration. Master the simple songs, move on to something a little harder, master those and so on. Before you know it you'll be like Jimmy Page himself.

Lastly, Simple Step 5. Your course will no doubt talk about this but it is important to maintain a good regular beat. This can take practice too, so make sure you can produce a good consistent beat and go for it!

Learning how to play guitar for beginners should be a fun and an enjoyable experience. By understanding these five simple steps in conjunction with you chosen course your guitar playing will progress in leaps and bounds.

Rik used to play the guitar many many years ago (in his mis-spent youth!). He would spend hours upon hours locked away in his room with the amp cranked up annoying many people.

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