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Free Golf Swing Tip-How to Correct a Golf Slice in 2 Easy Steps and Develop a Draw Shot


My free golf swing tip to help you correct a golf slice is as follows:

Give yourself a good grip. By this I mean a grip that is at least neutral and even bordering on strong. To do this turn both of your hands slightly to the right on the golf club grip so that the vees formed by the thumb and forefinger of both hands are pointing at or to the right of your right shoulder.

Step 1

Okay, now you are going to start this exercise with small swings, that is, only take the club back to hip height.

And in doing this, and this is crucial, you need to maintain the angle at the back of your left wrist just as it was at address. This angle will be slightly concave and you need to maintain that angle with this short swing back to just hip height.

Then turn through and hit the ball solidly. You will not slice the ball, in fact you will draw the ball or hit it straight.

What this tip helps you prevent is a problem for many amateur golfers who slice and it is this..the roll their wrists in the takeaway and backswing which opens up the face of the club to the plane of the swing and coming back into impact the clubface is still open, hence the slice.

Step 2

Once you practice this tip and work at it diligently you will be anxious to incorporate it into your full swing and you simply complete your backswing with your arms swinging up, not around, and your shoulders turning.

The shoulders turning take care of the ‘around' part of the swing, the arms take care of the ‘up' part.

But please, please maintain that angle at the back of your wrists which is the whole point of this free golf swing tip to help you to correct a golf slice.

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