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Funny Gift Ideas For Occasional Presents

If you are like me and like to keep a little stock of small presents that you can bring out for those special occasions where it would be nice to give some thing that will break a laugh but still be useful here is a couple of unique gifts that you can pick up inexpensively while still making people wonder at their innovative nature. Cool gadgets, funny food and drink related gift ideas, funny golf gifts and cooking accessories are perfect to say just about anything from thanks for a great Sunday barbeque to Hey great job with the cats this weekend.

Now heres a question I find myself asking all the time. What do you get somebody who has everything they wants? Gift giving is a tricky yet very fulfilling business. I am always on the lookout for places where I can buy interesting unique gift ideas for guys as boys are just so difficult to buy for. One of my favorites is cool gadgets like credit card survival kits that are just a great gift idea for a man. Other similar presents are things like instant underpants and a set of quaffer shot glasses that let you down your shot and chaser one after the other without mixing them. If you are looking for unique gift ideas for a young twenty on year old then what about a cell phone flask for cool quotient.

Are you tired of the usual soaps and moisturizers as your mothers day gift then its time you had a look at some unique gift ideas for girls. If your friend or aunt is a kitchen goddess why not put together some fun gifts for her to use in the kitchen.
A great one that I gave a colleague recently is a heart shaped fired egg mould. Last month I gave my receptionist a collection of innovative ice cube moulds, potato masher, egg and strawberry slicers and ice cream scooper. If the woman you are trying to buy for is young you could give her a fake rock to hide her key in. If she has a sweet tooth what about cupcake flavored mint or floss? Small gifts can make a person smile and make there day better so its worth it to just put some thought into it to come up with something nobody else thought of.

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