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Gift Baskets for Golfers – A History of Golf Gift Baskets

There isn't any reliable source that sheds any light on the history of them so one is left to surmise from general historical stories and other facts. I guess step one is to take a look back in history…

It seems prudent to assume that the first gift baskets were just baskets. In ancient times baskets were prised possessions – used for storage and transport of perishable and non perishable goods. Baskets were used by these old civilizations when modern day conveniences of fine furniture either didn't exist or were reserved only for the very wealthy. Somewhere along the way, someone must have gotten the great idea to spruce up the basket by putting goods in it. (In truth this idea probably happened repeated to many individuals spontaneously and without knowledge of the others' acts.)This extra special basket may have held fruits, cheeses, or even spirits of some sort. Now lets speed forward a few centuries and gift baskets have broadened their focus significantly. They may have fruits, cheeses, or wine as in yesteryear but they might also have candies, pretzels or non food items like how a spa gift may have fine soaps and some nice wash cloths. A good golf gift basket will have some golf balls, training aids or golf towel.

Giving gifts at Christmas is tied in part to the New Testament's recounting of how three wise men brought gifts in honor of the Christ child. Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth so the gift giving on this day was a natural evolution. Some argue that Christmas has gotten too commercial and maybe hit has. But the tradition of giving these is one of a noble heritage.

This year when you are stuck on what to give as a gift for the holiday season, The Golf Collection suggests that you consider a gift basket. If your loved one is into golf, consider a golfers gift basket or a practice golf gift basket. Either way they'll be pleased. There are so many good Christmas gift ideas for golfers and others that you are sure to find something special.

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