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Gleneagles Golf Course

 Just a short drive from the Duchally resort run by Club la Costa you will find one of Scotland's and even the UK's best golf courses.  Gleneagles is actually made up of three championship courses as well as a 9 hole course.  This course was the brain child of the then General Manager of Caledonian Railway, Donald Matheson over 75 years ago. 

His aim to was not only have superb golf courses but also a wonderful hotel, and before this building had been completed the King's and Queen's courses were designed by the then legendary James Braid.  The courses that you see today are located in an idyllic mountain setting with wilderness still surrounding them. Both the King's and Queen's courses differ greatly from many of today's courses in that they are constructed on gravel and sand just as the old style links courses were. 

Then in 1928 the third course was opened but this time it was a nine hole and is suitable for players of all levels today to try.  However in 2001 the PGA Centenary Course was built, this one being the creation of the world renowned golf player, Jack Nicklaus.  It was built to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Professional Golfers Association. 

As you would expect the new course is certainly different from many others built.  The course measures a total of 7,088 yards and each hole has five different points from which one can tee off from.  So even someone who hasn't played golf for very long could if they wanted attempt to play around or two on this one. 

In 2014 the PGA Centenary Course will be the venue where the Ryder Cup Matches between Europe and the USA will take place.  The whole event lasts for a total of 3 days.  On the first day the 8 foursome's matches occur, then on day two the 8 four ball matches happen.  Whilst on the final day this is when the 12 singles matches occur. 

This information has been researched on behalf of Club la Costa Scotland who have vacation resorts in Spain, Turkey, Austria, Scotland, USA and the UK.

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