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Golf and Fashion

With the likes of Gwen Stefani, Brad Pitt and Samuel L. Jackson following suit it's clear that golf is no longer considered fashion for the untrendy over fifties.

In recent years many fashion designers have sought to include elements of golf fashion in their collections as the sport experiences a resurgence of popularity. It's arguable that younger players such as Tiger Woods have made golf and its attire fashionable, its no surprise that Ralph Lauren has been announced as the official sponsor of the Dubai World Championships.

A sport that was once just for men is also becoming popular with women and this in turn is creating a demand for both fashionable and comfortable outfits. Women's golfing fashion has had to stay traditional but it has shorts and polo's are looking a lot trendier whilst also remaining gold course friendly.

The golfers flat cap has made its way into mainstream fashion, worn by Hollywood stars with cravat's and suits and featured in many high street stores combined with casual jeans and fitted waistcoats. The trend of traditional gentleman's wear has also seen certain golfing garments being worn away from the range. Of course you don't want to over do it. It's always best to pick out key elements of golfing fashion rather than wear a complete outfit.

A younger generation of golfers has seen the return of the diamond knit sweater, otherwise known as the Lindeberg Wesley are available in a range of modern styles and are worn by both men and women. Heavy and light knit golfing sweaters are also popular. The golf polo shirt is also back in favor with the trend setters, available in a variety of vibrant colors they are sure to bring the dullest of outfits back to life.

To show your love of golf away from the course, you can always wear some smart logo cufflinks. Such cufflinks can feature golf tees, gold ball and even golf bags. This looks best worn with a French cuff sleeve sweater, a pair of chinos or a smart pair of jeans for both men and women.

Technological advances have also meant that many golfing garments have been made to protect you against the elements and such items are just as useful when you are not putting about on the green. Both Puma and Adidas have both created strong fashionable and fun golf wear ranges that can be worn on and off the course. Many of their t-shirts feature fun and clever golf related logos and slogans.

Golfing shoes are also very popular; minus the spikes they can look great when worn with the right outfit. Their comfort driven design means that women don't need to totter around in high heels to create a great impression. They look great with a pair of chinos or a pair of smart jeans.

It is clear that golf wear has come a long way and is no longer considered dated. Whether you want to look good on or of the fairway there are a variety of different golfing trends that are sure to suit.

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