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Golf Beginner Driver Usage

Golf driver usage is to hit the ball as far as possible, usually this is a club for tee, it can not be used for other shots.

Driver tee, although difficult to control the direction, hit the ball the farthest, a club can not be replaced the highest rate of mistakes in the taylormade r9 driver.

Driver shaft of all clubs is the longest and hardest one club, because the longer shaft difficult to control, but 7-iron or driver is exactly the same swing.

Driver and iron, compared with a different ball position is farther away from the body and the more left. Sand wedge and Woods swing is the same? Many people believe that the swing sand wedge, the body should be more forward.

Be sure to select swing with their body shape and matches the type of taylormade r9 supertri driver from pickgolfclubs.com. According to their swing speed and swing plane of accuracy, choose a different shaft stiffness and face angle. Amateurs tee off with 1-wood, is the most prone to fade the ball. Driver face angle is too small of legs hit the right hook is one of the reasons.

Driver must be hitting upwards angle. That is, head through the lowest point of the swing arc, hit the ball up.

To lay a solid driver will have the right station and standing, the natural lead rod moves smoothly and the body and become one of the club bar action bar in a natural and gentle movement, the swing from the inside path, strong batting fell apart instantly and the terrain to complete the action.

(1) The selected target point. That is parked on the ball of where the fairway thinking, can improve concentration, the formation of positive attitude.

(2) To avoid the hazard. If there are bunkers and other obstacles stopping the regional area, then the stopping point must choose a place away from the hazard, even if some deviation from the direction it will not fall into the hazard.

(3) To maintain good body balance and make pars action. Especially in the first hole tee time, many people in the race staring at themselves, inevitably some tension, when the swing speed and body out of balance, making the wrong pars action. Then think of them as professional players can make as perfect pars action, you can hit good shots.

(4) Do not be “distance” by the temptation. When the hole is very long distance, greens feel some difficulty or have other golfers tee off was very far away, do not be away from temptation.

(5) Environment is relatively poor in the hole, to ensure the safety of the ball; to select the club shaft is relatively short.

At the end of this article, I will tell you to know Golf Drivers Defination is also important for your game.

Driver shaft of all clubs is the longest and hardest one club, because the longer shaft difficult to control, but 7-iron or driver is exactly the same swing.

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