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Golf Course Weddings

Golf Course Weddings

Golf Course Weddings are one of the best things you can do.
You have the chance to celebrate your wedding indoor or outdoor.
The grass and the flowers are perfectly grown.
Many people are here to keep this place a paradise.
So why you don't use the golf course for the best day of your life?

How to get a golf course wedding?

If you don't do golf it would be best to speak with relatives or friends who golf.
Ask them to help you to organize theĀ approval to celebrate your wedding on his or her golf course.
If you don't know someone who has something to do with the golf course it can be difficult to get the approval
to celebrate your wedding or gets really expensive.

Costs for a golf course wedding

Every cost depends on the size of the event the most golf courses have a minimum price of $2000 for 5 or 6 hours.
They mostly give you the chance to let them do the catering with food and drinks.
But then you need to calculate $30-40 per Person extra.
So a golf course wedding isn'tĀ as expensive many people think.
The capacity of the guests you have to ask on the golf course.
Most time the maximum capacity is between 200-300 people.