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Golf Dictionary(golf joke) ? What golf terms really mean

Cabbage Deep, thick, inescapable rough. Also called spinach. Green, leafCabbage Deep, thick, inescapable rough. Also called spinach. Green, leafy vegetables are not good for your golf game. Caddy – Individual who carries bags for golfers and assists them in the playing of the course. Ideally, a caddy should possess the eyes of a big-game hunter, the strength of a linebacker, the patience of a diplomat and the memory of a Mafia witness. Calamity Jane – Legendary golfer Bobby Jones' nickname for his “straight shooting” putter. Few contemporary golfers give their putters nicknames, but those who do usually choose more appropriate sobriquets like “Runaround Sue” and “Unsink able Molly Brown.” Can The hole. The cup. The place to put your putts. When you sink a putt, you canned it.

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Carpet The green. Soft, well-manicured fairways are also referred to as being “like carpet.” Cart girl The lovely young lady who operates the beer cart (a motorised vehicle that carries refreshments to golfers out on the course). These refreshments typically cost a fortune, which probably explains why golf courses hire beautiful young women to sell them.


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 Centre cut A putt that goes directly into the centreof the cup. Central America putt When a putt needs just one more revolution to fall into the hole. Get it? One more revolution? Chew Exclamation used by golfers who want their ball to stop ow! (See also bite, grow teeth, growl, juice.')

 Chilli dip An improperly executed chip shot in which the club hits the ground before hitting the ball, usually resulting in a shot that rolls just a few inches. This is one shot you have in common with Jack Nicklaus because everyone who has ever played golf has done it. You've just done it a little more frequently than Jack.

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 Chip Shot – A short, low approach shot that gets a player into position for one or more missed putts. See PITCH. Cleek – 1. Old-fashioned chipping iron. 2. Lateral water hazard on the legendary 8th hole (“The Poisoned Lotus”) of the Royal Hong Kong golf course in Fanling. Club Weight – There are three ways to measure the weight of a club: its overall weight, which ranges from about 13 ounces for a driver to just over 16 for a sand wedge; its swingweight, which is arrived at using a complex calculation of the relationship between the distribution of mass among a club's components and the length of its shaft; and its “bringweight,” which is an estimate of its apparent heaviness on the 18th fairway on an afternoon in July and ranges between 21 and 46 pounds. y vegetables are not good for your golf game.

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