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Golf swing fundamental to improve your golf swing

One way to ingrain an effective, consistent and repeatable golf swing is to follow a quick checklist of the golf swing fundamentals and quickly go through the checklist as you practice and prepare for your round. The key is to keep it simple.

Here is a straightforward sample checklist of golf swing fundamentals (for a right handed golfer).  The more you repeat this checklist and ingrain it into your practice routine, the quicker you will achieve a solid golf swing!

1. Ball position – forward (driver, low irons) or back (wedges, high irons) in stance depending on club used

2. Grip – neutral position with knuckles of left hand forefinger and middle finger visible.  Creases of thumb and forefinger for each hand point between right side of face and right shoulder.

3. Posture – correct stance width, proper spine tilt, flexed knees, relaxed arms and chin up and off chest

4. Alignment – body parallel to target line

5. Backswing Takeaway – club parallel to target line when hands reach hip level

6. Backswing Halfway point – butt of grip faces target line, wrists fully hinged

7. Top of Backswing – Left arm straight and club shaft parallel to target line.

8. Downswing Transition – Right elbow in “slot” (near right hip) and  butt of grip points to ball

9. Impact – Left wrist flat and weight on left leg.

10. Release – Arms extended down target line and club points to target

11. Finish – Weight fully transferred to left leg and belt buckle faces target.

12. Golf Swing Ball Flight – Evaluate the results of your golf swing. Did shot go straight, hook, pull or slice?

If you are not satisfied with your ball flight, go through the checkpoints above without hitting the golf ball.  Then, perform half speed swings with focus on the golf swing checkpoints to ensure your golf swing technique is sound.  Finally, resume hitting golf balls at half-speed, then full speed.

It is easy to over-complicate the golf swing.  Don't.  Just keep ingraining the golf swing checkpoints and mechanics above and soon your golf swing will dramatically improve and feel completely natural.

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