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Golf Swing – How To Improve?

If you want to play golf well, the best way is to pratice how to connect your arms to your body. People all know a phrase “flying right elbow”, however, not everybody can do like this as a term of endearment. Actually, it will be the worst faults in the golf swing when the right arm becomes disconnected in the swing.

Once the right arm becomes disconnected from the body the club is no longer supported properly and the arm and body will go into overtime to try to get the club back in a balanced position. Typically the club gets too far behind a person's body and the arm cannot support the club. The right arm will golf swingthen throw the club more in front of the body which causes the right elbow to go more parallel to the ground versus perpendicular where the elbow is pointing more to the ground. This will cause an over-the top motion and cause you to hit pulls and slices. Other faults that are caused by the flying right elbow are a cast where you lose all wrist lag and power in your swing. Needless to say the flying right elbow can cause a myriad of problems in your golf swing and not one of them is good.

To fix the flying right elbow I want you to grip the club cross-handed or left hand low. This is for backswing only but as you make your backswing you will notice how your right arm will fold against your rib cage and in front of your body. You will now have a perfectly connected right arm and are well on your way to improving your golf swing and fixing all those dreaded faults that are caused by the flying right elbow.

During my years of teaching I have seen so many students lose their connection with their right arm and body. I was one of them. I can still remember working on getting my right arm connected and in front of my body. It took a few weeks to fully work into my swing where I could count on it under great pressure, but the misses and other ailments that were in my golf game were fixed and I became a better player because of it.

Keep me long and Straight, CJ

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