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Golf Tip Swing-How To Win A Golf Game

Learning how to swing a golf club is a very important tip for any golfer to enable them to score better. Often, the simplest golf swing is also the most effective at hitting the ball further. Below are golf swing tips on how to improve the swing

The Grip

The club should not be held too tightly, neither should it be handled too loosely as there is the danger of releasing it prematurely. The same concept should apply when driving the club to the right direction.

The Stance

When playing golf, the weight of the player should be equally balanced. It is also important for the golfer to stay relaxed over the golf ball as any tension will affect the quality of the golf swing.

The Backswing

The left arm should be kept straight (for right handed players) during the backswing. The player should go as far as possible. The tempo of this swing is dictated by the personality of the player, as some players are naturally faster while some are slower. The player should do what is most comfortable for them.

The Downswing

In this swing, the head should be kept at the same position. The swing should begin with the hips and the head should be kept behind the ball until the golfer follows through. The right hand should not be used to generate more power. The power in this golf tip swing should come from the leverage in the angle between the club and the wrists. The angle between the wrists and the clubs should be held as much as possible to generate maximum power.

The down swing should not be rushed as this will result in poor shots and inconsistency. There should be a gradually increasing speed on this swing and good balance should be kept. Also, the club should not be muscled or swung hard. Instead, smooth and controlled movement should be made. This helps the player to hit the ball solidly on a regular basis.

The club should not be lifted to let the force flow smoothly. This swing should be done with a smooth arc. The speed on the downswing should also be about thirty percent more of that used on the backswing. This ensures a smooth flow, proper force to be applied to let the ball tee off and a wonderful follow through

The Follow Through

After impact, the club should be fully released while the head is kept behind the ball. The player's head should come up naturally with the right shoulder.

Patience is important when learning the golf swing. The player should go to the range and practice the swing without hitting any golf balls to start with, then as time goes by the player should start hitting a few balls.

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