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Golf Tips – How to draw the ball

The ball starts to the right of the target line then curves to the left to finish on target.

A draw is a good thing, here's how to play it.


Step 1: Set your clubface square to the ball.

Hold the discount golf club more loosely in your left hand turning your grip clockwise so you can see an extra knuckle on your left hand thus creating a stronger grip.


Step 2: Aim your feet and shoulders to the right of the target, making sure the clubface is still square. (See above).

The ball might be slightly further forward in your stance. (Cleveland Launcher Driver )


Step 3: With everything aiming right of the target except the club head, you should automatically develop an ‘in-to-out' swing path. (See above).

Concentrate on swinging the discount golf club back along the line of your feet.


Step 4: Fire into the ball on the downswing, visualising hitting through the 4 o'clock position on the ball. It should feel like you are following through well right of the target and that your right hand is turning over your left.


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