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Golf Turf Superintendents Know Their Grass

Golf turf superintendents are experts in the growth and manipulation of the perfect grass turf to create a golf course that is both beautiful and challenging. Green keepers usually have certifications or degrees in areas such as landscape management and agronomy. This means that they know everything there is to know about the turf they are growing. They must be experts in the horticulture field and even need to know a vast amount of architecture in order to make the course perfect. They know which types of turf are hearty, which are thick, which grow long, etc. They are an essential part of the golf course because without them, the course would not have the challenges it was intended to have.

The turf of a golf course must be tough enough to withstand thousands of rounds of golf per year, yet be breathtakingly beautiful and meticulously maintained. This feat in itself is a huge responsibility and requires the dedication of dozens of full time employees. These employees are also the responsibility of the golf turf superintendents. Since many times the superintendent is responsible for more than one golf course, they are generally responsible for the duties of many employees at a time. The golf turf superintendents teach their employees how to properly care for the course and how to landscape accordingly.

Golf turf pros know how to maintain any type of grass. They understand the soil as well as the seed so they can make the best possible sod choices for a course. In fact, they may be some of the most knowledgeable grass and sod experts you can find. Few people spend as much of their working career concerned with how the grass looks and wears as a golf turf superintendent. In fact, if you could consult with a golf turf superintendent on your home or business lawn, you'd likely have the best looking grass in town.

Some sod and turf companies even use golf superintendents as consultants so that they may offer their customers the best types of sod for their climates and to learn how to install and maintain the sod properly. The companies can then offer these services to their customers for a fee or give their customers advice if they are willing to care for their lawns themselves.

As you can see, golf turf superintendents wear many hats and are experts in many fields. However, when it comes to grass and sod, an expert greens keeper might be one of the best experts you could find. After all, they do have to maintain some of the most beautiful lawns in the world on a daily basis.

Peter Olson is the author of this article, and is a freelance writer who specializes in turf grasses, golf turf and sod farms.

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