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Golfing Safety

There are few things more enjoyable than heading out to the links on a beautiful day. The manicured green of the undulating fairways, the azure sky stretching out in every direction, the gentle breeze, the clean smell of fresh-cut grass in the dew. But, like anything else, golf has some hidden dangers lurking just beneath the surface. Like with anything else, having a fun time at the golf course requires a fair amount of care towards your safety.

Over the hundreds of years it's been played, golf has come to develop a code of etiquette, which is in many ways a sportsmanlike way of ensuring safety on the golf course. Some of the most important golf safety tips include:

Don't hit into people. Golf balls are small and hard, and when hit, they can come off the club face like a rocket. Being hit with a golf ball can actually cause serious injury, especially if the hit happens in the head. For this reason, it's considered bad manners to hit into people in front of you on the hole. Wait till they're at a sufficient distance before you address the ball.
Don't hold up groups behind you. This is actually something of a corollary to the first rule. When you hold up groups behind you, you hold up the groups behind them, and so on. Aggravating people like this can lead them to impudently hitting into the people in front of them.
Be careful when driving the golf cart. Golf carts can be a huge convenience, can speed up the rate of the game, and are sometimes even required by the course management. However, you need to treat them with respect. Drive them carefully on the paths, and don't leave them sitting around in the middle of the fairway. Don't race them, or take turns and hills too quickly. Even though they are fairly slow, injuries can still occur if you're not careful.
Be careful in regards to water hazards. If you hit a ball near a water hazard, be careful: they're called “hazards” for a reason. Falling in can be both embarrassing and painful, and in some areas, there can be dangerous animals lurking in the water. Treat the water hazard with the respect it deserves.

For more information about safety tips and your legal recourse in case of injury, visit habush.com.

Joseph Devine

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