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Golfing Versus Golfers

What does this mean to any golfer whether he or she are beginners or scratch golfers? Well let me tell you. There are hundreds if not thousands of golfers who really want to improve their game so they are forever trying out this technique and that technique and all other sorts of different nuggets of advice to find just that one little piece that may give them an edge when in competition.

They buy books, videos, take lessons. It is endless the amount of money and effort they will put into looking for maybe, that extra distance on their drives, or show them a different hand grip on the club that will make it more comfortable and stronger in their driving.

They will do anything to find the key to longer accurate golf drives. Drives that will put them on the fairway not in the rough or worse out of bounds. They may be trying to find a cure to stop them from slicing the ball way off in a different direction than the one intended, or how to sink twenty foot putts. So if these are some of the problems you want solved, then look no further, you have arrived at the end of your search.

From today on you will begin to unlock that hidden power inside you and start being a WINNER without it costing you a fortune. I have searched and searched like everyone else. I spent the money and time like every else and I was still going around in circles to no great improvement.I knew in my heart there was someone out there who could help me. And there was. It was myself. I was the source of information that I required. That is when I started to become a winner. Within myself I had to make a very serious decision. A decision that would change my attitude from being a mediocre golfer to one that is happy with his game.

Having made my mind up what to do I set about activating my plan. Now at last I could stand up on the tee box with confidence, knowing I was not going to let myself or my golf partners down. I decided to take my game seriously and study my golf game, and habits more and more.

I made the conscious decision to find help, and I did. I purchased a professionally designed E Book which had simplified and easy to follow diagrams and instructions. I downloaded it immediately onto my laptop and began practicing everything in rotation according to the instructions.

I analyzed all that I was learning and compared it to my game. This was a revelation, the amount of bad habits that had settled into my play was just incredible. For instance, bad setting up before driving off the tee box. Bad posture, breaking my wrists too soon as I was making my back swing, not being strong enough in my stance, and lack of focus when making contact with the ball. Golfing versus golfers is all about finding the right teaching formula, and disciplining oneself to put in the time to learn all the areas where over time you had become lazy.

So my friend in golf the answer to becoming a better golfer lies in your own hands. You can make that change and begin to enjoy your golf even more than before. And remember it is not the golfing where the problem lies, it is with the golfer, that means you.

Best of luck with your future golfing.


Golf can be a very frustrating game at the best of times, especially if you are just beginning or moving up the ladder to being a decent amatuer,everyone no matter what level they are at needs a little help from time to time, I found that help in the form of an ebook called How To Improve Your Golf Game it's a wonderful ebook packed with real pro tips and tricks that enable anyone to conquer any golf course at anytime. I highly recommend you check it out by Clicking Here

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