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Hit Hybrid Golf Clubs Far

Hybrid golf clubs have been a revelation to many high- and medium-handicap golf players who have struggled with fairway woods and lengthy irons for years. Hybrids–which are a mix between irons and woods–are much easier to strike and frequently create more consistent shots than standard clubs. They are so efficient that nearly all touring professionals carry at least one hybrid in their bag. Hybrids are a lot easier to master than fairway woods or lengthy irons and since they are easy to swing they can give the golfer much more distance as nicely.

Distance factors

The number of distance you can receive on a shot is determined simply elements including loft angle, length and the weighting of the club. However, the largest single factor is swing speed. The hybrid clubs are lighter than all fairway woods and irons, so the golfer is very effective at getting greater swing speed. As a result, the lighter hybrid club is frequently very effective at getting another 10 to 20 yards of distance more than your entire standard clubs. Here is the normal distance for a normal golfer with hybrid night clubs and the night clubs they are replacing:

16-degree hybrid — 198 yards; 5-wood — 194 yards

21-degree hybrid — 190 yards; 3-iron — 184 yards

24-degree hybrid — 178 yards; 4-iron — 174 yards

27-degree hybrid — 169 yards — 5-iron — 157 yards

Hard Club Face

Another one of the profits of a hybrid club is a hard face. Most hybrids are designed with an exceptionally high grade of stainless steel and that helps the golfer find the ball in the air quicker than with a standard club. That is 1 of the reasons hybrid night clubs work nicely in the rough. The super-hard face cuts via higher grass as well as other vegetation a lot easier and allows the ball to fly truer and straighter than standard clubs.


The weighting of the hybrid club gives it an advantage more than a fairway wood. Generally fairway woods have most of their weight towards the front of the club. This means that you have really little margin for error and still have to strike the shot almost completely so they can hit the ball well. Hybrid clubs have almost all of their fat toward the rear of the club, making it a lot easier for the normal golfer to strike.

Expert Insight

Hybrid night clubs is definitely great equalizers for the golf players. Not only can they help the high- and intermediate-handicap golf players, they can help top amateurs and professionals as nicely. They are lighter and easier to swing and since they are rear-weighted, they are a lot much more forgiving than standard clubs. Players still have to swing the club well to obtain good shots, however they do not have to be ideal. This promotes greater self-assurance and enthusiasm when preparing for the next shot.

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