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How about Playing Snow Golf

Snow golf is a sports action according to golf but played through snow as an alternative of grass. The “greens” are called “whites” and have an ice surface. In this article, I would like to talk something about snow golf. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article – Why So Many Golfers Like Annika Sorenstam.

As for traditional golf the origin of snow golf is prospect to be the Dutch game of “Kolf” which was played since the middle Ages. Evidence for Kolf like a popular wintertime pastime comes from a large number of 17th century paintings conducted by renowned artist.

The discovery of contemporary snow golf is credited to Rudyard Kipling, living in Vermont in the 1890s who was an avid golfer. While writing his widely known e book The Jungle Book, Kipling relaxed that by participating in snow golf throughout winter. Now, Santa Claus is busy playing golf. You may buy good Ping G15 Driver as Christmas golf gifts at Golfbargainoffers.com for your love ones. You may have good Christmas golf time.

The annual Society Ice Golf Championship provides you with been held on the world's northernmost golf course on the shelf ice near Amanda, Greenland since 1997. The course is formed recent simply the shifting ice every 12 months and play is remarkably relying on weather situations Competitors are allowed at handicap 36 or below. On the grounds that of the intense temperature clubs with graphite shafts are not encouraged.

The First of all Snow Golf Championship in Argentina has been held in Cerro Castor, Ushuaia since 2007.

The first of all ever Snow golf Society Championship for amateurs was carried out in January 2007 in Austria. With a Germany, the first of all Snow golf Society Winner was founded. The party is hosted as being a main Austrian celeb function and sponsored by the state of Salzburg as portion of the touristic scheme. The second Snow golf Society Championship took set in Austria. Thanks to the “Million Greenback Putt” contest, the official Championship on playing golf on snow title was the biggest prize for an amateur golf occasion in the society up to now. Alongside amateur competitors, many big names by activity and showbiz were attempting to sink their “Million Greenback Putt” for important brings about – “Wings for Life” and “Eagles Charity Golf Club”. In the end nobody could pull off the big putt, and the prize stays unclaimed until the next championship. The runners-up were Tristan David (Philippines) and Peter Dobrowolsky (Austria). The new women's Society Champion was Sarah H? (Austria). Thank you for reading my article!

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