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How To Overclock Cpu In Bios- For Dummies


For those that have 4G of RAM memory and a processor running on 2000MHz, if they do not know how to overclock CPU in Bios, or if they worry they cant handle it, the whole process is very easy and it takes less those 4 minutes to complete.

Computers that have 2GB + and the CPU running at 2300MHz, there is no need for overclocking the processor. In fact, making it run on a higher frequency than it should, you can cause it to heat up and damage in a few days. However, if you have a 4 GB memory and the CPU running on a low frequency, you can overclock the processor to achieve greater performance in your computer. If you have no idea on how much memory or how high frequency your computer is running on, check your settings from Bios. Here is how you do everything:

When you first start your computer, before you have Windows loading, press DELTE. This will take you straight to the Bios Set Up. Here you can find all you need to know about the CPU and memory. You will see the menu opening in Main there you can see on what frequency is the CPU running. If its on maxim, 4000+, than it is already on overclocking. If not, simply use the keyboard arrows to move to the advanced settings. On the bottom of the page the option configure overclocking or any other resemblance has to be found. Using the arrows, select it than press Enter on your keyboard.

This will take you to the processor settings for overclocking. You will see that this is done automatically by your computer, but you can also manually operate it. Select processor overclocking and choose the frequency you want to use.

Once you chose and modified the setting you want, select SAVE and EXIT Bios.
If your memory is no higher than 2 MG, there is no need for a CPU overclocking. You might end up in frying your computer in a matter of days. However if you need to overclock the CPU by having 4GB in memory and a low frequency for the CPU, the improvement will be immediately noticed.

Increasing your RAM should be bass on the CPU overclocking. Before you buy extra RAMs, make sure that you can overclock the CPU or else you may have 1 or 2 MG on your PC with no use.

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