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How To Play Golf

Golf stance is important. Standing of the method: Standing in golf ball technology is not just a simple ball to play while standing next to, but for the right to hit the ball, the ball flying to the target direction of laying the foundation. The stance is prone to rush the direction of the shift, and even a small standing in the wrong direction could lead to the failure of a stroke, that is usually known as “loss of good as a mile.”

Steps in the right stance should be:

(One) standing, you should start with the direction of target direction after the ball the distance, looking for a marker in the target line, and determine the ball and the connection between the markers, is the ball flight direction.
(Two) Determine the relationship between the ball and foot position, leads from the location of the ball and the ball flight direction of a vertical line, under normal circumstances, the left foot near the heel of the line.
(Three) Standing two feet across the line close together, toes slightly outward left aside, the left heel near the line.
(Four) Center of gravity toward the left foot, depending on the club properly will be taken the right foot to the right, to complete the station action.
Standing between the width and the distance the ball is not fixed, to be with the player's physical condition and the use of the club change.

The basic aim the ball position:

After the standing, the body posture is like a high chair may take non sit back slightly prominent buttocks, upper body slightly forward, his hands grip, the hand grip with the club in his left leg inner thigh Department, the

distance around the body about a punch, knees slightly bent to relax, the natural micro buckle inward, the eyes, as the ball. One very important point is that the connection shoulders, waist and the knees of the connection

must be horizontal and parallel to the direction the ball's flight, it was decided to swing the ball in the direction of flight technology and a key factor.

Aiming to complete the basic position the ball steps:

One: Physical relaxation, mental concentration, for one or two take a deep breath, grip.
Two: Depending on the club, to determine the distance the ball with the foot, stepping gently adjust the position and maintain the stability of both feet.
Three: Elbows bent, hold the club to the front of body, hands to the right swing, check the right middle finger and ring finger of the grip. Then swing to the left, check the middle finger, ring finger and little finger grip.
Four: Decentralization of the arms stretched out, so that the ball is located behind the head, face is the direction of flight of the ball, the bottom head gently touching the ground.
Five: Slightly bent and arms inside the buckle, the upper body slightly forward, head and neck to keep upright, relaxed, visual ball.
Six: Shaking the head. To make more fluid swing, at the beginning of the swing gently from side to side before the head is conducive to relaxation about the tense muscles and focus.

And also as standing in the golf grip technology plays an important role, because golf is different from baseball, which requires a specific direction of the ball hit the specific location, stop bit will directly affect the ball's flight

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