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How to Swing a Golf Club – A Primer For the Golfing Novice

If you have started to play golf – or if you have made the decision to take up golf – your initial primary focus needs to be on learning how to swing a golf club. Through this informational article you are provided an overview of some pointers and tips to keep in mind when you are learning how to swing a club. (You definitely will want to consider such resources as golf lessons, golf DVD's or videos or related tools when you are working at understanding how to swing properly.)

1. The first step when it comes to understanding how to swing a golf club is to take a proper stance. Your feet should be placed a shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent. You will want to bend over the ball at the hip level, keeping your back straight.

2. The second step associated with how to swing the club involves holding the club itself in such a way so that when you do bend over your arms will actually hang straight downward.

3. The third step in how to swing a golf club involves initiating your backswing, all the while keeping your eyes trained on the ball. The club itself should end up parallel with the ground with the club face pointing directly upward.

4. As you initiate and carry forth with your backswing, you will want to keep your wrist locked and straight. You will transfer your weight from your left to right leg. At the height of the backswing, your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle, with your left arm as straight as possible. (This is assuming a right handed player.)

5. In understanding how to swing a golf club it is at this juncture that you will come down with the club itself. This represents the downswing. You will start this motion by transferring your hips and weight towards the left. This will cause the golf club to follow through from the right inside of the target line, allowing for a square-on impact with the golf ball.

6. At this point you will follow through to the left the target, continuing the transfer of your body weight as described in previous steps. You will release the club all the way back while your right will be brought upward to its toe, all of your weight having been transferred to your left foot. (Again, this assumes a right handed player. The positioning is vice versa for a left handed golfer.)

When it comes to understanding how to swing a golf club, following these basic steps is essentially. However, you also need to keep well in mind the importance of regular practice. Understanding how to swing a golf club and executing a golf swing is not necessarily something that will come naturally to you. Therefore, in order to gain basic skill in this regard, you need to devote an appropriate amount of time on the links practicing your game.

If you truly want to improve your golf swing and game before your next round of golf? Go to: http://www.FixYourGolfSwing.info You will get more comprehensive drills and tips on how to swing a golf club. J. Walston is a avid golf player and enthusiasts who provides readers with tips and tricks to improve their game.

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