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Hummer Golf Carts

If you have not yet seen the Hummer golf cart models that are available online, do yourself a favor and go look. Even if you know you cannot afford one, go look anyway. These vehicles are simply awesome and when it comes to imitating their big brothers, they truly do pull it off. In fact, of the several luxury golf cart models that available, the Hummer golf cart is perhaps the most accurate when it comes to replicating the original.

When you do your online search, you will find a lot of different model set ups or configurations. The name Hummer golf cart is actually a bit misleading because these vehicles have been customized for a number of uses besides being used on the golf course. This is not to imply that a lot of golfers have not bought these vehicles because they have, but other uses are also popular.

For example, one of the uses that seem to be popular with the Hummer golf cart is transportation within closed communities. You all know what these communities are like. They allow residents to use smaller gas or battery powered vehicles to get around the community. The old idea that these are mostly senior citizens is wrong. People of all ages are using these smaller vehicles are their main means of conveyance in closed communities. For some of these people, the Hummer golf cart is the vehicle of choice.

You can also find the Hummer golf cart being used in hotel and resort settings where guests are carried from one place to another by the staff. One would have to say that using this particular make of vehicle would certainly catch the attention of any guest who gets into one.

A couple of reasons hotels and resorts use this particular make, over and above it unique look, is its high quality standards. These are truly luxury golf carts, and there is little one can say to disprove that fact. But they are also versatile and rugged. They can carry up to six passengers in some configurations, and they can also haul a lot of cargo which is all but mandatory for vehicles that are used in this capacity.

Another fact that is hard to dispel is that they are expensive. New models can easily exceed $ 10,000. Of course you get a lot for this price, but, still, it is a out of reach for most consumers. Lower priced units can be found online, however, if you look for a used Hummer golf cart. More often than not, these used vehicles have been kept up nicely and are often in just as good shape now as they were when new.

Regardless of whether you want to buy one or not, simply looking at them is a joy for many people. The Hummer golf cart, in all its many configurations, is a testament to just how great the human imagination can be when allowed to explore new areas. Take a quick look today and see what true quality is really like.

Keith C. Miller is an editor of the Golf Cart Guide and has written on many articles on golf cart related issues. See this site for more information on Hummer Golf Carts and for answers to other questions about these versatile vehicles.

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