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Learn Spanish – It is Time to Think About Irregular Verbs Differently

Most people have a much larger problem with irregular verbs than regular verbs when learning Spanish. Ironically, the biggest reason for this is because most people “think” that irregular verbs are more difficult. The reason for this is that these verbs do not follow broad pattern like regular verbs do which can cause problems.

The truth is that when you take the time to look at it, the actual learning of these verbs is not any more difficult than mastering the conjugations or regular verbs.

In Spanish there are three regular verbs that follow a set pattern. Each pattern is based solely on how the verb ends. Each of these endings are “ar”, “er”, and “ir”. You may have already memorized all of these endings and how they are used. Once you are done with this, most people will tell you that you have no other option than to simply memorize all of the irregular verbs and this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Almost every irregular verb has the same formation as other irregular verbs so they can easily be sorted into individual categories. This means that you can group most of these together which will make learning them that much easier. Sure, this means that you have more groups of verbs to learn, but do you remember why you had problems with these verbs in the first place? Because you had to memorize all of them individually.

So, yes, you do need to memorize more groups of verbs, but it is still easier than memorizing every irregular verb individually. This simple classification of these verbs will go a long way in helping you remembering them.

Obviously there is no specific classification system that you must use, otherwise they wouldn't be considered irregular verbs. However, if you take a couple of minutes and group all of these verbs into common groups with common characteristics, memorizing them will be much easier. Just pick how you want to group the verbs and go to it.

I hope that this trick will help alleviate the stresses associated with irregular verbs.

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