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Learning form Friends May Improve Your Golfing

In today's golf crazy world; more and more golfers want to buy good quality golf clubs to make their scores higher. most of the friends practice a ball game, it is easy and competes, an action is not good, again, 10 goals did not play well, they come back 10. Total disregard for playing rhythm and requirements, and perhaps think about rhythm, but stormy mad command, all kinds of essentials have long forgotten, I found that although those who conscientiously sum up the driving range, but the bow bitter training are most welcome.


If you are not a new golfer, your blue staircase results from 118 to 89, steadily increased. Because working-class, time and limited. Friends say progress fast. Not have any talent, an old friend all because of the error can sum up the experience into their own.


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One old friend who is also my golf started the pacemaker. The golf level when he visited the best 89, the general 96, 97. One advantage of this brother in charity, not hesitate to ask. He always consulted widely. , Said he was not on the pole, he changed the post. That his next shot wrong, he changed the next shot. The event of another side of the good mouth, he even asked the tire of a hundred. In this way, his golf progress improves from 125 to 96 in two years.


Generally golf beginners have had the experience. But this habit is only suitable for beginners, as he was that kind of level, go listen to the words of those busybody brings on the owe considered. Give him advice because each person is different, the results of his actions changed again, results in about a year back to 104. Charity work to improve performance advantages also become barriers.


First, you must trust yourself, do not follow blindly. Especially those busybodies bring the superficial remarks. More than learning theory sees relevant books. In the practice field, pay attention to their own experience, careful observation of full-time coach of the action, learn to ignore the actions of others.


Second, the total score remained at around 120. And an old friend of a different, their outstanding performance in the practice field is silent, and never stops END 500 balls leave. The 7th time he also left iron 120 yards farthest songs. Suddenly one day, said, pointless. In our institute, he tried to persuade the next club. Evil, and a few practices, they left no wrong song.


Third, old friends stop training, inadvertently; the previous bad actions are forgotten. Like “Death therapy.” Therefore, driving range, break a ball, should the stop, to sum up, do not let the bad sense of the ball to stay in your muscle memory. Fight, and can resort to deepen this memory. Three old friends, and pleasant personality, achievement in general, so after every ball, he said the number of posts is not their own, but ask me xx ox x hole which bar it. That tee shot 250 yards straight as, cattle bar. Others crowded the tee in the somewhat strained, often time, he can always play a surplus level of the elderly, long and straight tee shot.


At last, when your attitude is very important, it is time to play it. I believe their action; the ball went out, not to think too much. In difficult circumstances, have to maintain an optimistic attitude. To recognize that we are not playing the best training on how to avoid difficulties, but difficulties arise in how we should do. Practice golf with your liking golf clubs, learn to summarize the experience of your good golfing friend, you may get improving performance. Thank you for reading my article!

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