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Love is beautiful because of missing


I had thought, love a person
May be secretly in the heart
Does not need to know each other
I swear, take the good feeling
Collection in memory, but memory

If not, think you may be lost forever
Lost forever, this is so dear to the feelings of their own
If not, again call your name in a dream
And awakened from a dream, and perhaps
The feelings will always be a secret,MBT

Quietly among the missing and to bless you
I have always been happy
Wait, I do not know what the results of this
Perhaps, there is no result to consider what

I always wanted
Can be in a position of waiting to tell you
I am serious about your feelings
Can withstand the test of time and distance

Co-owners who have past the details of
One by one became very clear
Like tentacles can touch it, but obviously thousands of miles away
Is it the longer I
Feelings will be more concentrated it?
The days you were not
Crazy thoughts grow like weeds

Maybe I am reluctant to lose the opportunity to be
Am reluctant to wait for the thoughts and unforgettable
The passage of time will be contracted with the dust
I encourage their own, said the release of their own,MBT shoes

I do not believe
The distance to the heart from the physical distance is only a moment away
I do not believe
After years of precipitation after the love is still vulnerable
I do not believe
Silence is a silent waiting in vain

If you pay in return, there must be the result into
It was not, I have not put
Is not to pay too little, and I silently wait for
Quietly consider their own level of confidence and the practice of love
Whether I missed the right opportunity?

May you have a good dream tonight
If you are exposed in a dream sweet smile,MBT shoes sale.
That is my wish you Tuoming breeze month
Fall in love with you, after all, is a touch of sadness.