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New Dress Code for America Golfers

Mr. Airhart finally decided to jump to the “Spanish Hill Golf Club” who has worked in the United States in golf for 10 years. Heavy wooden doors at the club, has been hung with a prominent sign that says “Please do not wear jeans to enter”, this provision has been made Airhart worried. Not long ago, 43-year-old Al to enter the club board of directors, Mr. Hart became the youngest director in recent years, and his first Board of Directors is to remove the cut-off jeans proposed provisions, it seems, he succeeded.

Younger members of the popular cowboy

More and more young people like to play golf, but most of them are willing to wear comfortable jeans, which is the reason that many balls to force the U.S. to relax the dress code. Hill Golf Club to take the Spanish speaking, to the beginning of this year, the club's board finally agreed to remove the club door on the four “no jeans” sign, and began to lift the ban for one year test period. However, in the golf course and restaurant meals, the ban still is preserved. To the present, the club bar revenue has increased by more than 6% over the same period last year. The number of newly joined members from last year's 12 to 52, their average age was 51 years old from last year dropped to 49, and the club does not reduce the $ 35,000 initiation fee and $ 655 monthly fee. To see such an effect, had opposed changing the dress code and all directors have changed their attitude. Of course, such a phenomenon in the United States Golf Club which is very common.

Operating Pressure to Force Changes in Conventions

Today, the ban on wearing jeans has become a hot issue. In fact, in many clubs, signs “Please dress up” are basically gone, but the cut-off jeans are still very common policy, but the forced operating pressure, and now they have to try some changes.

Many golf clubs are now facing the problem of membership decline, under great pressure. A month ago, according to officials of National Golf Union Joy Bodi Ci said that last year the nation's nearly 440 private golf clubs have been closed in 39, while 389 were beginning to open to the public, and almost all in the process relaxed dress code. Even in the most exclusive golf club, members can access most of the places to wear jeans.

According to the famous American golf market analysis consultant Steve Greaves, and perhaps in the 8 to 10 years of the future, people can be completely free to choose their own dress code when playing golf rather than a rigid rule.

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