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No Suffering for Golf Course Turf

Anyone who is familiar with golf, should know that different grass pitch will have different influence on little white golf ball, and the ball has a direct impact on the golf playing. The use of greens, tees, fairways, deep rough grass, etc. has skills and it is easy to learn. Grass texture is dense or flexible will have a noticeable influence on players. People say the grass in golf course is different grass industry in the concentration of various types of performance, known as a lawn, and remind as the highest state of the grass industry.

For unique turf, if you do not understand them, then you may lose scores on the fairways and greens. As golf lover you should take advantage of the following specific types of turf.

Bermuda grass (BERMUDA)

Features: Bermuda grass is also called Bermuda grass, mainly grown in Southern California and the Caribbean. Tender leaves of a wide, spreading strong and resistant to trampling on the characteristics of easy to lateral growth after cut short.

Case: Mark McCumber recalls: “I participated in the PGA National course in 1987 when the PGA Championship, see Bermuda grass on the guilty fear, often little white ball rolling sideways, and now are afraid to think about.”


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Tips: For the slow greens, putting should be decisive. Rough is not difficult to handle, fat hit them and out of trouble. In the fairway, Bermuda grass fluffy structure inherent in the ball often to make your stay in the air to determine the station, the body and shorten the distance the ball a few inches (note, do not move your hands a few inches of the post). This small adjustment will be encouraged to bring their hands into the hitting face area, help you get a penetrating trajectory.

Bermuda grass is grown as bent grass, and then the green grass formed a well-known special pattern. Therefore, careful observation of the putting green of the grass before the pattern is very important.

Representative Course: Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen, Haikou, the United States as the Mayflower International Golf Club, Shanghai Silport Golf Club.

Creeping bentgrass

Features: It also called creeping bentgrass, Bent grass, and is from Eurasia, widely used in low-cut, fine quality turf, for the world's most cold and wet areas. The stolon is highly occupied, so little time bluegrass upright growth of these cool-season turf grass mixture.

Representative Golf Court: Kunming Spring City Golf & Lake Resort, Tomson Shanghai Pudong Golf Club.

Hidden Flower Pennisetum (KIKUYU)

Characteristics: it is low growth, deep root system of perennial grass that can form a dense turf. Pennisetum is especially for upland cultivation, fast-paced growth, a colder, autumn growth better.

Case: 1998 U.S. Amateur Open, Ted King (Ted King) of the first 18 holes of the first two to hit the ball outside in the green 10 feet away from where the next two, the ball rolled 15 feet before it. He said: “I never again see such a green.”

Skills: Kikuyu grass is relatively wet and soft, like standing on top of the foot not the root, f9 be aggressive when the swing, do not despise it as the same as Fred Couples, Tiger Woods should be the same, think clearly.

Representative Golf Court: United States Cedar Point Golf Course.

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