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Personalize and Custom Fit Your Golf Equipment

A weekend ago, you were invited by friends to play a game of golf. You told them you had never played and so they loaned you a golf bag full of assorted golf clubs. You noticed that some were made of iron, some were made of wood, and the others as you learned throughout the day were the hybrids.

Your were invited out to play again. This time, as grateful as you were for the loaned bag of clubs, you opted to rent your equipment. These clubs seemed to handle differently.

You experienced that not all golf clubs are created equally. It was worthwhile to work with the borrowed and the rented equipment as it helped you to learn differences. And you may want to alternate back and forth and even borrow from other friends or play at other golf courses and try their rental equipment.

Your friends have gotten you hooked on the game of golf and now you are ready to invest in your own golf set. You have already learned about length of shaft and weight as you worked with the various clubs. The more correctly fitting the golf club is to your body type, the more fun you will have playing golf.

When purchasing your irons, etc. it does matter if you are tall or short, man or woman, senior or junior. The shaft length needs to be the correct length for comfort and to have the right flexibility or stiffness that will work for you at your skill level and strength.

Financially, it is more economical to have a fitting then to keep buying club after club until you discover a favorite. When you have the correct golf club that helps you to hit the golf ball squarely for a solid contact; you will find that ball flying farther and straighter. And since the golf club fits you correctly you will find that your consistency and accuracy will be there for you. Your golf score will improve.

The grip is essential and it too will be the right size to fit your hand. The grip does need to be replaced as needed. You do need to feel the shot.

Golf is no different than so many other sports in that technology has changed, improved, or enhanced equipment. As you purchase your equipment have a professional golf person or your golf instructor to help select equipment according to your skill level, strength and problem areas.

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