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Pga Golf, Golf Trips And Golf Holidays

The practicable combination of Golf and Sea Cruise is a welcome addition to Luxury Golf Travel and may be just what you are looking for, if you are one of the many ardent golfers who have become bored with conventional golf holiday packages.

If you love life on the ocean wave, this is a great way of combining luxury travel and sampling fantastic rounds on faraway championship golf courses, up to and including a selection of exotic golf destinations.

As the seafarers say, all you have to do is get ‘all onboard', unpack your case, chill out in total luxury and enjoy some games of international golf in top golfing destinations. Popular Cruise and Golf destinations are the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, the Canaries, the Baltic, Bermuda, Dubai, Mauritius, Puerto Rico and Mexico. There is also Golf and Cruise on offer at Scotland, the Home of Golf, and Ireland, the Emerald Isle.

Onboard some of these cruise liners there are golfing facilities such as golf driving ranges, golf putting greens, golf driving nets, club rental operations and elaborate miniature golf set-ups. For example, Fred Olsen Golf Cruises really emphasizes golf (even if no actual courses can be found onboard); its packages in the Caribbean, for instance, include tutorials by PGA Golf Professionals and 19th whole social outings.

Enjoy the fantastic Golf Cruise experience: watch the world go by, discover new places and delight in the wonderful cuisine and great entertainment on board these fantastic cruise liners. If you wish to get your game of golf in shape, you may wish the PGA Qualified Golf Professional to analyses your swing with state of the art technology. Some of these Golf Cruising Packages even offer the option of golf simulators where you can play some of the best golf courses in the world, such as St Andrews, Augusta and Pebble Beach Links without you even having to step off the cruise liner.

There is plenty to interest non-golfers too, with first class leisure and spa, plus hairdressers and shopping facilities on a majority of these cruise liners and onshore day trips are normally available while partners are playing golf. However, not all Golf Cruise experiences are created equal, and we recommend it is always best to shop around and find a reputable Golf Cruise provider which suits your specific needs.

If you do decide to try a Golf and Cruise theme Golf Holiday, please come back to us, letting us know what you thought of this type of Golf Vacation. If you need any further assistance to book with a reputable golf travel company, please e mail us at [email protected]

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