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Play Colorful Golf

Many golfers think that when playing golf with the cheap golf clubs, it is important to know what to wear, how to mix colors to fashion a type of it? Moreover, it is important – not too expensive. In fact, you want to buy golf's “first line” is not difficult, but how can we dress for your taste, this great science in itself.



1, find the most suitable for your


Those born with a perfect body, of course, it's easy to choose any clothes to wear. They are free to follow the currently most popular hot dress, but more people do not. If you are not so perfect body, then you'd better take your pick golf “package”, would rather buy a larger size, do not buy a trumpet for aesthetics.


2, golf shirt (taylormade 2009 burner driver) Golf


Classic style golf shirt is of a collar, T-shirt, and a hem at the open gas. 26, the last day of competition, Shin Ji-yai chose a pink T-shirt. Bright sunshine, against the background of the Evian Masters golf course green and lake views, Shin Ji-yai shadow is particularly brightly, as she walked down the green when you won the championship champagne bath replaced Evian water bath. For the championship, the Evian water tastes better than champagne poor. Evian Masters pink balloon rising, the green eyes narrowed a little, showing his white teeth Shin Ji-yai cup left the scene of happy, smiling.


Creamer stunning pink suit


This competition, the organizing committee launched its own main colors: pink. Even the caddies, but also, without exception, wear this amazing color. The gap in the game, brought together players from around the world have put women evening dresses, beautiful photos shooting golf with x-22 irons at golfleading.com.


There are also some extra shirt pocket designs, you can choose according to your needs.


3, color match


As for what colors to wear according to their preferences, but still have to pay attention with the right mix in order to look fashionable. There is a general principle: shirt shorts and shoes the same color or color contrast between the preferably large, with up will be more flavors, known good irons as contrast-color matching and coordination of color matching. With a first line of stylish and lively, no doubt, you will become the focus of the court.


Nowadays, more and more people play golf with the irons at golfleading.com but they also pay more attention to what they wear when playing golf, because what they wear can show their fashion, not only just golf performance.

As for what colors to wear according to their preferences, but still have to pay attention with the right mix in order to look fashionable.

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