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Play Skins to Improve Your Golf Game

Today I am going to tell you about a simple and effective way to improve the way you play golf. Golf is a game where you are often required to make pressure shots. It can be a fifteen foot putt for birdie or a short iron approach that has to hit the green for you to make a score on that hole.

Pressure can do funny things to people. Some people thrive under pressure and outperform all expectations. Other people fold under pressure.

To improve the way you perform under pressure I suggest that you start playing skins with the other people in your four ball.

Skins is a form of golf where each hole is allocated one point or one skin. The person with the best score on that hole wins the skin. If two ore more scores are equal then the skin carries over to the next hole until somebody wins. The person with the most skins at the end of the day is the winner.

One of the first things you will notice is that the round will become a lot more interesting. The reason for this is that you are not just playing against yourself anymore, but you are playing against the other golfers in your four ball. There will be an atmosphere of competitiveness between you and everyone in the four ball.

Now, the reason why playing skins will improve your golf is that you will constantly be put in the position that you have to make certain shots to remain competitive. This will force you to concentrate more on your shots. You will learn to read putts better, and go for the hole more often because you have to sink your putts. You will learn to have a reliable swing that you know that you can fall back on when push comes to shove. You will basically be thrown in the deep-end and will have to learn how to cope with the pressure of the situation.

The next time you play in a competition you will see that you will perform a lot better as you have gained the experience of playing in a pressure situation. You will be able to make those shots that are required of you to win and pressure will no longer be a factor. Hopefully because of this you will win more proper competitions.

You can make skins even more interesting by playing in teams. Two against two. This will help you to play better in the better ball format. After a while you will realize that you enjoy playing golf with an additional incentive and will look for the adrenaline of a pressure situation. The great thing is that your golf will never be the same again and you will be a much better golfer because of it.

Jakobus Nel is the owner and editor of TheGolfLesson.co.za, a popular golf instruction website where you can find many instructional DVD's, eBooks, training aids, golf videos and coaching programs to help you play better golf.

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