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Playing Golf with Friends for Cheaper Golf and Greater Challenges

Playing golf can be extremely exciting, but sometimes players find there is something missing. Whilst this is considered to be a solo sport (no teams), players can still have much more fun if they end up playing golf with friends. Whether their friend is a much more competent golfer than them, or have just started their journey as a golfer, there are a range of benefits for each player.

Most people want to be interactive when they have a day off and golf might not look like the perfect way to do this. The reality is that by taking a friend along to a local green, players can have huge amounts of fun and actually learn a few things along the way.

Here is the great thing about playing golf with friends; each player can offer constructive criticism to the other. By analysing each others game, the two (or more) players can slowly increase the quality of their game and help each other to become much better players. This is not always the case, but generally playing golf with friends is going to improve an individual's game a great deal.

There are some things to take into account when playing golf with friends. Remember that this should be considered as a relaxing day out and not a chance to get one over on a friend. Help each other progress rather than hindering each others performance by getting too competitive. Getting too competitive can sometimes cause heated debates and could jeopardise a friendship.

If golfers think that these are the only benefits of playing golf with friends, then they couldn't be any more wrong. Playing golf with friends can actually mean that each player saves money. Playing as a group rather than an individual could save them cash, literally every time they play.

There are plenty of websites that offer a special scheme for saving money when playing golf. Generally, they will offer a 2-4-1 deal. What this means is that one person pays and the 2nd person will get in for free. When the two players split the cost they will see that the cost has instantly halved, making golf a much more financially feasible sport to play.

These savings can be taken advantage of throughout the UK. In fact, some of the leading golf courses in the UK participate in these deals. The likes of The Belfry and even The Grove are among some of the top golf courses that are currently involved.

With plenty of golf vouchers available they can be great golf discounts or even a birthday or Christmas present for the golfer you know.

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