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Pure Beginners Golf Instruction

First let me welcome you to the wonderful world of golf. Now let me introduce you to the, pure beginners golf instruction, and what is required of you to play and enjoy golf.

One of the most important nuggets of advice I will give you before we start is, prepare yourself for, frustration, exhilaration, Despondency, Thrills, disappointment, camaraderie, Joy, and most of all satisfaction.

If you can take on board all these aspects of golf, then I can only say you are a brave person, because you are going to encounter all these situations as you progress on your golfing journey.

The pure beginners golf instruction must start at the very basic fundamentals of the game.

These fundamentals begin with attitude. Attitude as to how you want to progress and become a decent golfer.

Now assuming you have your attitude right then let us begin.

Starting with your golf clubs. These must be the correct size for you. Too tall or too short will make it nigh impossible to play successfully. When purchasing ask the golf pro in the shop to help you. He will be only too happy to assist you to make the sale.

Remember, there is no need to buy expensive clubs for starting up.

Next you must set yourself out a timetable that fits around your work and family schedule. This timetable should contain the programme for practising your set up, which you need to do before each game.

This set up procedure is to do with acquiring the correct posture and stance. You must learn what distance your feet need to be apart to allow you comfortably make the club swing motion you need to drive the ball.

Then there are your drills. These are the warm up sessions and routines you need to go through before you swing a club. These are vitally important and should be practiced until they become second nature to you. If you follow the instructions you can avoid causing serious injury to yourself.

Then there are your, Knees, hips, spine, and back muscles which must be allowed to get used to your new sport. You will suffer stiffness and aches and pains, but they will pass as your body becomes more and more used to playing.

For the pure beginners golf instruction to work properly, you next need to go to a driving range.

This is where you learn your swing technique, the correct way to grip the club that is comfortable for you, your set up routine, and familiarising yourself with your clubs.

These few pointers for the beginner who is starting to play golf are essential, and must be seen as the basis for developing good habits right from the start.

There are many many more aspects to a beginners journey required before they really begin to lower their handicap, and enjoy their round of golf more.

All that's left for me is to say, best of luck to you.


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