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Since The Country Of Origin Australia Aluminum Provisional Anti-dumping – Tdm Over Ip

As the “squeeze” to the local aluminum industry in Australia, Australia has originated from China's aluminum extrusion material to make anti-dumping preliminary ruling, said it would charge 16% of the provisional anti-dumping duties.
May 15 this year, Australia's largest domestic aluminum production and processing enterprises Capral and G-James to the Australian Customs written applications originating in or exported from China's aluminum extrusion materials combined anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. June 24, Australian Customs said originating in or exported from China Aluminum Extruded initiated anti-dumping, countervailing merger investigations. Customs data show that in 2008 China's aluminum exports to Australia amounted to 2.507108 trillion U.S. dollars, up 20.93%.
The world's third-largest aluminum maker Liao Ning Zhongwang Group, Head of Foreign Trade, said yesterday that they now export to Australia, although the proportion of aluminum extrusion material is not great, but 16% of the provisional anti-dumping tax, or there must be received process, the end just who should bear the loss and increase the price, but also through consultation with local customers and then decide.
Southwest Aluminum Wen Yong, said foreign trade manager, because the aluminum extrusion materials with lower investment threshold, leading to many small businesses rush, then the export would inevitably lead to a large number of local concern. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Ministry of Information with the same view Peng Bo, “Extruded aluminum is widely used in transportation, building doors, windows, appliances and other industries, but their production is not very high technical content, a large number of manufacturing enterprises in China are concentrated in Guangdong area. ” He said the case involved relatively small amounts, but some smaller exporters will therefore be a greater impact.
It is understood that Australia's annual consumption of around aluminum 140 000 -16 tons, Capral and G-James and other local companies accounted for about 2 / 3, while the others are from more than 700 Chinese aluminum company, which most concentrated in the Guangdong Province. Export enterprises with more than one million U.S. dollars 31, more than 20 million U.S. dollars export enterprises 4, more than half of the total, of which three in Guangdong Province.
It is understood that this is not China's aluminum extrusion material for the first time been convicted of “squeezing” of each other's markets. February 16 this year, the Canadian Border Services Agency on China Aluminum Extruded “double reverse” merger investigations to make a final determination, ruled that originated in or exported from China Aluminum Extruded Products dumping and subsidies, and found aluminum Extruded industry does not belong to a market-oriented industry.
Nonferrous Metals Society of Guangdong Province told reporters that the Secretary-General Jia Rui, Guangdong Province, aluminum production and exports for 30 consecutive years, ranking first, of which exports accounted for more than 70% nationwide. Canada's “dual” case that, many companies have shifted to the export to Southeast Asia. Although Nationwide, the number of exports to Australia are not many, but the proportion of Guangdong Province is still the highest. This is precisely what has regional characteristics of the export products needed in response to trade frictions and conflicts facing the embarrassment. On the one hand, the amount of product involved small enough to cause concern throughout the industry, on the other hand, due to the local level are not eligible for participation in national trade associations responding to the work, so many of the affected small and medium enterprises responding to nowhere.
July 2007 countries have abolished the export tax rebate aluminum products, from April 1 this year, certain aluminum commodity export rebate rate has increased from zero to 13%. Albert the Great Wall Futures, chief analyst Jingchuang that China's aluminum resources are scarce, the domestic aluminum industry has excess capacity. Although the countries have had limited local aluminum plant yield, but some local governments for the protection of local interests, not too much interference.

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