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Spanish Verb Drills

To be able to communicate in Spanish you need to know how to use and conjugate Spanish verbs. There's no avoiding it. And the best way to master Spanish verb conjugations is by doing verb drills.

While verb drills may sound boring, that is not necessarily true. Fortunately, there are a number of good tools and software programs you can use that will help you with the drills and take some of the pain and monotony out of the process. Some may even make learning verb conjugations fun!

So what are the best Spanish verb drills – the exercises that will help you achieve Spanish fluency with the least effort possible?

Before we get to that it's important to recognize the importance of verbs in Spanish communication. Verbs are the heart of the language. It's through the use of verbs that you convey what actions are taking place. Learning vocabulary is important too, but it's verbs that tie everything together and give meaning to the sentence.

Building vocabulary comes easy to most people. Learning how to use verbs, on the other hand, is not so easy. If you spend more time mastering verb conjugations and less time building vocabulary you will find that you progress much faster in your path toward achieving fluency.

The best program I have found to help students master Spanish verb conjugations is a new product called the Verbarrator. The Verbarator makes it easy to learn the 563 most commonly used Spanish verbs in all tenses, including tricky irregular and reflexive verbs. It's a wonderful product. What makes it so good is that it is complete, customizable and easy to use. Verbarrator costs about $ 57 dollars but will save you a lot of time and effort. It includes English and Spanish audio, a full immersion mode, and much more. It also lets you learn the verbs in context within phrases, if you choose.

Verbarrator is not the only verb conjugator on the market and there are other free options for those on a tight budget.

One useful, free software product is called Conjumania. Conjumania is like a basic, bare-bones version of Verbarrator. It's the most popular shareware verb conjugation program on Download.com.

Amigos Spanish is another verb conjugator at Download.com. It's free to try but costs $ 25 if you choose to purchase it.

Another option is to leave the computer behind and get yourself a copy of the book “501 Spanish Verbs”. Of course, it requires a lot more discipline to study from charts in a book than to use a fun computer program, but some people prefer to work from paper instead of a monitor.

The excellent reference site Wordreference.com also has a good list of verb conjugations.

Whichever method you choose to study Spanish verb conjugations I hope you'll make verb drills part of each study session. Stick with these exercises and you will see results.

There's lots more information about Spanish verb drills, including a detailed Verbarrator review, at Study Spanish Language. Mark Sanchez is a contributing author at the site.

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