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Telecom Acronyms

Jargons and Abbreviations are unique and common in Telecom industry. One has to understand and be familiar with these jargons to know the industry better. These jargons are widely used in discussions and by the telecom journals. Most of these abbreviations are technology related.


2G Second Generation of mobile technology

3G Third Generation of mobile technology


ADC Access Deficit Charges

AGR Adjusted Gross Revenue

ARPU   Average Revenue Per User

AUSPI   Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India


BTS   Base Transceiver Station

BWA Broadband Wireless Access


CDMA   Core Divisional Multiple Access

CDR Call Data Record

CLIP   Calling Line Identity Presentation

CMS Customer Market Share

COAI Cellular Operators Association of India

CPE Customer Premises Equipment


DoT   Department of Telecommunications

DSL Digital subscriber Line


EDGE Enhanced Data for Global Evolution

Fibre to the Premises


GBT Ground Based Tower

GPRS General Packet Radio Service

GSM Global System for Mobile Telephony


ICT Information and Communication Technology

IDC Internet Data Center

ILD International Long Distance

IN   Intelligent Network

IPLC International Private Leased Circuit

IPTV   Internet Protocol Television

ITU International Telecom Union

ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network

ISP Internet Service Provider

IUC Interconnect Usage Charges

IVR Interactive voice response


LAN Local Area Network

LTE Long Term Evolution


MCN Media Convergence Node


MNO Mobile Network Operator

MNP   Mobile Number Portability

MOST Mobile Operators Shared Towers

MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching

MSA   Master Service Agreement

MSC Mobile Switching Center

MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator


NFAP National Frequency Allocation Plan

NLD   National Long Distance

NTP National Telecom Policy


OFC Optical Fiber Cable


PBX   Private Branch Exchange

PCO Public Call Office

PDA   Personal Digital Assistant

POI   Point of Interconnect

POTS   Plain Old Telephone System

PSTN   Public Switched Telecom Network


QoS Quality of Service


RAN   Radio Access Network

RF   Radio Frequency

RMS Revenue Market Share

RCV Recharge Vouchers

RPM Rate per minute

RTP Roof Top Poles

RTT Roof Top Tower


SACFA Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation

SIM   Subscriber Identity Module

SMS Short Messaging Service

STD Subscriber Trunk Dialing


TDSAT Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal

TDMA Time division Multiple Access

TEC Telecom Engineering Centre

TERM Cell   Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring Cell

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India


UASL Unified Access Service Licence

USO Fund   Universal Service Obligation Fund


VAS Value Added Services

VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPT Village Public Telephone

VTM   Vigilance Telecom Monitoring

VSAT Very Small Aperture terminals


WAN   Wide Area network

WAP   Wireless Application Protocol

WIMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WPC Wireless Planning and Co-ordination Wing

VS Moni is a finance professional with more than 13 years experience in telecom. The author can be reachted at [email protected]

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