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The History Of Playing Golf

It has always been said in history that golf has been played from as early as the fifteenth century and we do know that for it to be played, there are two vital instruments required to have a golf game. These are the golf stick and the golf balls, so we are going to go back in time and see how the golf ball evolved into what it is today since am sure you all know by now that the golf balls also came in different materials.

Apparently, the initial golfers who played in Scotland did it while using a pebble around the sand dunes. Am sure you are thinking what I am thinking that I would not want to be someone's caddy at this point if they were hitting pebbles.

The Scottish golfers apparently got tired of playing with pebbles and begun to play with man made golf balls that were made out of leather bags stuffed with feathers. Though this was a breakthrough from playing with pebbles, the balls were not as efficient as expected since they did not fly very far. However, in 1848, a Reverend by the name of Adam Paterson invented a ball known as the gotta-perch ball, which was made from the sap of the Gusta tree mostly found in South America and the Pacific islands. Unlike its former counterpart, the ball could be hit a maximum of 225 yards and is said to have had some similarities with the modern golf ball. However, golfers still had a problem when trying to hit it out of fairways, though they were considered cheaper to manufacture than the feathery balls.

Since there was still a need for a better ball, Co burn Haskell also a golfer created a golf ball that was made out of rubber thread that enclosed a solid rubber core which made it easier for players to hit and also gave them better control over it. All this was thanks to a patent that Co burn Haskell and Bertram G. Work an employee of the B.F Goodrich Company in Akron had to make a golf ball. Haskell later founded the Haskell Company that produced their invention in mass and this contributed to his great wealth.

However, this is still not yet the end of the golf ball's evolution. Players noticed that they became old and scarred after a while and as a result traveled further. Eventually, a manufacturer called William Taylor became the first to add the dimple pattern to the Co burn Haskell ball, which maximized the balls lift and at the same time reduced its drag. This small change in 1905 paved the way for the modern golf ball as we know it today.

Today, it is interesting to note that even after the invention of the dimpled manufacturers still experimented with various other designs and thus we now have a variety of golf balls in the market that are fit for particular individuals and also various scenarios since some offer distance, control and others are better used while practicing.

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