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The History Of Volkswagen

In daily life, people are so familiar with the Volkswagen car manufacturing company. Though it is a German auto maker, there are many North American Volkswagen dealers serving the United States and Canada. It' had been a long time around before they got the status that they currently hold today. Many people may not know that the word Volkswagen actually means “people's car”. To date, the Volkswagen Beetle is well known as one of the most popular hippy cars of the 1960s.


Even though Adolf Hitler did not drive, he was very interested in vehicles and always had his own ideas to share, regardless of how others may have felt about that. He originally worked with Ferdinand Porsche to design a car which later became the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche created this people's car for Hitler at his request. This is a fact about the Beetle that many people may not be aware of. The course of the war changed many things for the Volkswagen Corporation. At one point it was taken over by the British. It was a British man named Hirst that is responsible for saving the company.


The well known Rootes Group came to take a look at the plant and the current vehicles being produced inside. Hirst was told that the cars were unappealing and that he was a fool to try to keep them in production. The owners of Ford also came to have a look around and they agreed wholeheartedly with the Rootes Group. But that just was not enough to discourage Hirst who saw more in the little Beetles than anyone else did. Perhaps these rejections were among the best things that ever happened to Volkswagen.


By 1949 Volkswagen had really made an impressive comeback. It was then available in the United States. The sales increased dramatically as the Beetle gained a loyal following. By the year 1955 a million Beetles had been sold. One exceptionally interesting fact is that the car never was named the Beetle by the manufacturers but rather by the public. It became widely known that way though the name was not used officially by Volkswagen until 1998 when the new version of the Beetle was released.


In 1973 Volkswagen began to experience some unfortunate financial difficulties. The last two models released had failed to impress the buying public. Many of their vehicles ceased to continue in production. However, Volkswagen never did fade out of the North American auto market. It maintained a steady role and experienced a successful comeback in the 1990s. The Beetle was rereleased with the name Beetle this time along with new vehicles like the Jetta. These cars were very competitive with other compact cars.


Volkswagen now has everything from cars to trucks in all class sizes and types. This company may have started out German but over the years has come to be part of every nation and automotive market.


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